Where can I see the videos of the racers? Can I watch even the old clips from the racing events of the past? 

You can watch videos of the racers if you visit their profile and click the ‘videos’ located at the bottom of the descriptions. Yes, you may also watch the videos from the past racings as long as you will visit the racer’s profile you would like to see because we don’t have a full clip of the racing events from before. 

Is it required to create an account to be updated regarding the news of your racing events and competitions or is it okay if I don’t make one? 

No, creating an account is not required but it will surely help you be updated easier since we will be the one to notify you using your emails. However, if you don’t prefer doing that, you can just check this website for news or see the forum section if ever we also posted about it. You can ask anything there and also talk to our team members as well. 

How can I share the videos here on my social media accounts? 

If you have no account on this site, you can share the videos on our website just by copying the link and posting it on your social media account. But if you have an account here, we suggest you link it to your social media and just click ‘share’ from the video’s settings. Choose the ‘linked account’ after that and make sure to open the right one.  

Hi, I want to be a part of the events in your racing competitions, how can I join? 

Hello, thank you for thinking about joining us. You can join by waiting for news about the events to come, there will be forms to be given to those who’d like to participate by giving us your email address.