About Us 

Leh Keen website and team was created and founded by Leh Keen’s former team member and staff in racing. This group was inspired by Keen’s passion for race car driving so we were able to make this website and team work for many people who were also inspired by racing and other race car drivers. The founder didn’t think of making this website at first but knowing how many others also admired how these professional racers do their passion, he was able to finally decide of creating his own group that eventually led them to create a website for everyone. 

With this motivation in his mind, he created a place that became a way for other people to know more about these people or racers in this field. We all know how a person can be very curious about one thing or another person so we are glad that we made a place where you can find any racer’s profile and read information about them. It is also great that slowly, we were able to give aspiring racers out there a chance to prove themselves in this sport. Knowing how much people love to race and showcase their own talents and skills, we did everything to make it possible for us to make the events and competitions happen. 

Many were thankful to us because we did these things that helped them know more about the sports and about the people behind it. They also thanked us because we got to open a door for them that will give them opportunities to pursue their dream. We were more than glad that the team was able to do what we all desired in the first place and that was to inspire, motivate, and give you all chances in the racing industry.